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Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Published Sunday, 15 July, 2012 by Ahmad Jaber

I dare u to get this recipe



  • 600 grams minced meat (makes 6 to 8 burgers)
  • 100 to 300 grams of goat cheese,cheddar cheese,mozzarella cheese.
  • any other thing u need to make a burger.


-separate the meat into 2 equal amounts

-take one amount divide it into 6 to 8 balls

-put a large nylon paper and put the balls over them and keep spaces then put another nylon paper over them.

-smash the burgers with a flat thing (use a flat knife)

-remove the nylon of the burgers ad the cheese and keep it in the middle the divide the other amount of meat into the same amount of balls u divided the first amount.

-smash the balls using the same way but other nylon papers then put them on the first part over the cheese make the two pattys touch by your fingers.

-then smash using the up method and fry and add what ever u want to the burger.

ps :make sure the meat pattys touch strongly or when u smash and u didn't do that the meat and cheese will get minced meat and you'll to throw everything.


  • Jess 6 years ago

    Whoever wrote this recipe needs to go back to school.

  • Michaela 6 years ago

    Who ever put the recipe up must be dull, look at the state for the recipe and the way they but the instructions! Not clever.

  • Alissa 6 years ago

    What is wrong with this website???? Why can i not put a capital 'e' ..How stupid!

  • Alissa 6 years ago

    Ah nvm ... They changed the e to an e anyway -.-

  • Alissa 6 years ago

    Before i am corrected, 'english"

  • Alissa 6 years ago

    Can someone proof read the recipe and re-add! .. Terrible english! "make sure the pattys touch strongly" .... Huh!? Nylon paper?!?!?!..Do you mean 'cling film' ?

  • Joi 7 years ago

    Wow! This is really awesome! I might take this into suggestion to use for a cooking project or for fun! :)

  • Brianna 7 years ago

    This is amazing!!!!!

  • Just Me 7 years ago

    Sorry, i didn't understand the language!

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