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Chocolate Burger

Published Monday, 17 January, 2011 by Mikey

Trust me on this one



  • English Muffins (or burger baps, but muffins are nicer)
  • 2 or 1 Beef burgers, more if hungrier...
  • Cheese
  • BBQ sauce (or other sauce of choice)
  • Chocolate.


1.cook the burgers on the grill, as you do.

2. all the cooking is in the assembly really on this one.

3.bbq sauce on base -> then cheese -> 1st burger -> chocolate (it'll melt) -> cheese -> more chocolate -> burger ->cheese -> chocolate. Throw in more bbq sauce wherether you want.

4.wait for chocolate to melt and chow down.

Trust me, beef burgers and chocolate are the ideal partners.

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