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Easy Lasagne

Published Thursday, 19 February, 2009 by jordan

Lasagne, pasta, beef



  • mince, beef or steak- 500g
  • red pepper-1
  • red onion-1
  • button mushrooms- handfull
  • red wine-100 ml
  • tom puree- large squirt
  • chopped tomatoes- 1 tin
  • lasagne sheets
  • cheese-50g
  • oregano- (dried or fresh)
  • basil- (dried or fresh)
  • olive oil


chop all vegetbales

heat up pan until red hot

olive oil in, sprinkle of basil and oregano into oil

add all chopped red pepper, red onion, button mushrooms

cook for 2-3 minutes

remove from pan and keep in bowl in warm oven

pan, olive oil, mince in, brown

add chopped tomatoes once browned

cook through tomatoes

add vegetables

cook for 1-2 minutes

add all red wine

leave to simmer and for red wine to reduce for 30-35 minutes

into casserole dish pour 1/3 of ingredients, line lasgane sheets on top

add another 1/3 meat

line lasagne sheets, add final 1/3 meat

top with lasagne sheets and grated cheese

cook through in a medium oven, gas 5/6 for 20 minutes


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