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Mikes Cheesy Bolanese With Doritos

Published by mike

boloanese with cheesy doritos



  • Beef Mince (frozens better)
  • Bolanese Sauce (dolmio)
  • Cheese Doritos
  • Cheese


1. You make your Bolanese, Put mince in medium heat pan until brown all over, then add the sauce and let to simmer on low heat for 10 mins.

2. while in those 10 minutes, you get a casarole dish and put cheesy doritos covering the bottom with grated cheese on.

3. When its been about 10 mins or so you pour some bolanese on top of the doritos covering them, then put another layer of doritos (with grated cheese on), do this until its jus bolanese sauce at the top and just pop a few doritos in the dish round the side (with grated cheese)

4. put in over in medium heat for 20 mins

5. When finnished you will lovely bolanese with cheesy warm soft doritos!

i no it might not sound that great but it really is!

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