Cheese Rolls

Like a cheese sandwich, but even better! 🙂

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bread dough

Cut the crusts off a slice of white bread. Then start mashing it into dough. When the dough is ready, spread it out evenly into a rectangle shape. Now take the cheese, and if it isn’t in slices yet, slice it. Then lay the slices of cheese on the bread dough, as much as you want, but remember you’ll have to close it later & leave a bit open around the sides. Now put a bit of butter on the sides & close the roll. To secure it, wipe some yolk onto that area. Now put a frying pan on the stove & set it on the highest temperature. Place some butter in the pan & wait for it to dissolve. Now place the roll in the pan & make sure the roll turns golden coloured. Then you may take it out & make more.