Cheesy Dorito Nachos

Elevate your nachos with already cheesy and delectable Nacho Cheese Doritos. This Cheesy Dorito Nachos recipe is a fun twist on nachos and only takes four simple steps to make.

10 min. Prep
8 min. Cook
18 min. Total
3 – 4 Servings





Take your Doritos out of the bag and spread out along a baking sheet.



Mix your cheese and shredded chicken together in a bowl. Spread out this mixture evenly on top of the chips.


Place in a 350-degree oven (┬░Fahrenheit) for 5 to 8 minutes until the cheese is completely melted and bubbling over the Dorito chips.


sour cream

Take the nachos out of the oven carefully and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Then, top with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream before serving.

Who doesn’t love nachos for dinner? Instead of keeping it simple, try our Cheesy Dorito Nachos recipe for an extra punch of cheesy flavor. Plus, if you already have Nacho Cheese Doritos in your cabinet, as many of us do, this won’t even take extra time, money, or supplies.

Of course, the toppings you select for this recipe are completely up to you, but we suggest guacamole, salsa, and sour cream to get every piece of nacho flavor that you can get. Since the cheese flavor is strong in this recipe, you want to make sure to top your Dorito nachos with things like salsa and guac that can diversify the flavors in each bite.

There is no need to make this recipe too complicated, so you can easily buy store-bought guac and salsa to save you time and energy, especially if you plan to serve this snack to guests. We recommend finding a salsa that has a bit of a kick to it, but you can opt for a mild salsa if spicy food is not your thing. It’s important that everyone enjoy this rich appetizer, so customizing to your palette is key.

If you’d rather make your own guacamole at home, here is a guac recipe that we swear by. It’s modeled after Chipotle’s guacamole recipe, so this would pair perfectly with our Dorito Nachos because it has lots of fresh ingredients and lime juice for extra zest.

Try out our Dorito nachos and we can almost guarantee you won’t go back to using plain tortilla chips.