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Cajun Chicken

Published by anon

Recipe title says it all really!!



  • Chicken breast
  • Cajun spice


Put the chicken breast on a george forman/grill/oven, cover both sides with cajun spice and grill until chicken is cooked! Serve with wedges/jacket potato and salad.


  • rachel 8 years ago

    how do i know when its cooked :/ dnt wanna burn the chicken

  • huh 8 years ago

    san ba nabibili yung cajun spice hehehehehe yun ang nagpahirap !!!!

  • Rae 9 years ago

    I made that today it was lovely, I think i'm on the right road lol xx

  • Rae 9 years ago

    I made it today, it was yummy yum lol I'm on the right road i think xx

  • ? 9 years ago


  • I wan Fila Ya 9 years ago

    ooo eee ooo aaa aaa ting tang walla walla bing bang.

  • Jack 9 years ago


  • darth moore 10 years ago

    im a spaz

  • Josh 10 years ago

    Im An Idiot !!!!

  • spud 10 years ago

    has any1 seen the game on the weekend

  • Dave 10 years ago

    Cajun spice is a spice.... you can buy it.

  • K 10 years ago

    Cajun spice like what?!

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