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Chicken And Mushroom With Oyster Sauce

Published Saturday, 22 November, 2014 by Ferina

For healthy lifestyle, diet, and tight budget



  • 1 chicken breast / chicken fillet
  • 4 champignon mushroom (you can use any kind of mushroom)
  • 1 onion
  • olive oil/butter
  • oyster sauce ( i use kikkoman)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • you can eat it with rice or mash potato


1. Wash the chicken and mushroom

2. Chop the half peeled onion, if you want stronger taste you can use the whole onion

3. Cut the breast into two, and the mushroom into 4

4. Boil the mush room for 3-4 minutes / until it's tender

5. While boiling, spice the chicken with salt and pepper ( i give 2 pinch of pepper & 1 pinch of salt)

6. Drain the mushroom

7. Heat the pan with low heat, add 1 spoon of olive oil, fry the chicken for 5 minute (two sides) / until it's turn white with a little brown

8. Put the chicken out from the pan

8. Add 1 spoon of olive oil, onion and 2 spoon of oyster sauce, stir them

9. Add a lil bit of water, to make the sauce a lil thin, stir again

10. Add mushroom and chicken, saute them all for 20 seconds

your less than 30 minutes delicious chicken and mushroom is ready to serve.

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  • We are so impressed by the recent recipes posted by students just like you! Thanks, Grace for uploading this awesome new dish.