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Chicken Hot Pot

Published Monday, 21 November, 2011 by ferro

Chicken in red wine and tomato sauce with potatoes



  • -chicken breast
  • -a can of peeled tomatoes
  • -potatoes
  • -red wine (for a recipe of 2 people,a 30cl bottle will be enough)
  • -olive oil
  • -creme fraiche, or double cream
  • --herbs of your choice to season (basil ...)
  • -salt/ pepper
  • quantity is really up to you



boil some poatoes

cut the chicken breasts in pieces, paint the pieces with the cream nand add the herbs on it, leave it on the side while cooking the potatoes

once the potatoes cooked, fry them for a few minutes with olive oil

in the same pan, add the chicken with the peeled tomatoes, add the red wine

cover the whole cooking and cook on a low fire... wait about 20 minutes, mix sometimes

and it s ready to be served, the chicken should be juicy and the potatoes well cooked, the sauce should be liquid enough

enjoy !

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