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Chicken Korma Curry - Cheats

Published Saturday, 07 November, 2009 by Emma Cockburn

easy to make and very quick in just five steps



  • pataks korma curry sauce
  • white basmati rice
  • pre cooked chicken breast


1. finely chop the chicken breast

2. wash the rice in cold water, to stop it from sticking

3. cook the rice in boiling water (preferably from the kettle straight into the pan) until white and fluffy

4. pour the chicken sauce into a microwavble bowl with the precooked chicken and heat until piping hot.

5. pour rice onto pllate then top with chicken and sauce


  • .. 9 years ago

    wasteman, im at home,. im 50, go on this all day.

  • NO! 9 years ago

    you sad people, spending ur time doin tht, where are you? School?

  • Luke 9 years ago

    Yess? xxx

  • Scott Massey 9 years ago

    Hey Luke

  • Luke 9 years ago

    This is just plain obvious... not a recipe at all. you have just told me how to cook rice, which is pretty simple in anyones book! and use pre cooked chicken?! errrggghhh !!! god waste of time.

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