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Indian Style Chicken Curry

Published Thursday, 02 January, 2014 by Gandhiraj

If from my mother's kitchen :d



  • 1) chicken
  • 2)tomatoes
  • 3)potatoes
  • 4)curry leaves
  • 5)cinnamon stick
  • 6)chicken curry powder
  • 7)chilly powder ( optional )
  • 8)turmeric powder
  • 9)salt
  • 10)onion
  • 11)ginger
  • 12)garlic


1)cut onion, ginger and garlic in small pieces.

2) cut tomatoes, potatoes and chicken in desired size.

3) pour needed amount of oil onto a mid-fire pan.

4)put cinnamon followed by onion and curry leaves fry until nice aroma.

5)put chicken, potato in and fry them together.

6)thn put turmeric powder and needed amount of salt followed by garlic and ginger.

7) pour some water and cover the pot by letting the chicken and potatoes to cook.

8) thn put needed amount of chilly, chicken powder and cook .

9) taste the curry for taste and serve after the curry is cooked with rice or parata .

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