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Mozzerella Stuffed Chicken

Published Sunday, 26 July, 2009 by Emily

yummy chicken thts jus soooooo good!!



  • 2 chicken breast
  • one portion mozzarella
  • 1 packet parma ham
  • loyd grossman sauce of ur choice (pref a garlic one)


fry off the chicken until sealed,cut the chicken in half slightly to make a lil pouch,

cut the mozzrella into strips and stuff inside the chicken,wash your hands!! now wrap the param ham around the chicken breasts and place in a large dish put in the oven until almost cooked,then add the sauce over the top of the chicken and place in the oven until cooked, ensure the chicken is piping hot and cooked thouroughly.serve with potatos and veggies enjoy!!


  • Frogga 8 years ago

    I like to cook fermented dildos with a light drizzle of taramasalata. Side salad consisting of lettuce leaves and success. Yummy

  • megalar 8 years ago

    best dish ever x

  • pinky gurl 8 years ago

    how long will it take to be cooked... including the preparation time and the cooking time.... i wanna cook this in our school and it sounds so easy...

  • Alex 8 years ago

    Had it with bacon, absolutely amazing

  • M 8 years ago

    This recipie sounds lovely and doesn't seem to hard. Will def try it. Mozarella would be better than cheddar as it would melt better than cheddar :)

  • Anna 8 years ago

    You can also use phillidelphia in stead of cheese, either the plain one, chilli or herb, also you can honey roast the veg.

  • LARTAS SPECIAL BALLS 8 years ago

    if you want another great recipie go to

  • Emjay 8 years ago

    Just had this for dinner, fantastic with roast potatoes and veg. The other half and my daughter loved it :-)

  • huh? 8 years ago

    what does fry off mean ??
    sorry lol i'm such a noob

  • luby lou 8 years ago

    um cooked it a few times now,used bacon instead of parma ham.

  • Kay x 8 years ago

    sounds soooo yummy x

  • Mike Johnson 8 years ago

    I am sorry, but this is a very professional website, and you are speaking very informally. Please have CAPITALS, love.

  • no name 9 years ago

    A perfect dish i will probely try

  • debbie 9 years ago

    for a tasty sauce dressin just use two table spoons of olive oil to one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, add some garlic and your done. this way you only need to buy the bottles of oil and balsamic once and they will last a long time so you can cook this delicious meal again and again and still have a great tastin sauce.
    also add a few cherry tomotaoes or a diced onion to the oven dish if you have any, just to add a bit more flavour!
    just an idea but its wat i always use and its delicious.

  • Kel 9 years ago

    I stuff the chicken first (with chedder if i dont have any mozzarella) then wrap it all in the parma ham (or bacon). I then fry it on each side in butter on a high heat until golden (about 5 mins each side). I then stick it in the oven for 15-25 mins on 180 C. my oven cooks things fast so you might want to give it 20-30 mins. As long as its not pink in the middel your good to go!

  • Mammybear 9 years ago

    This sounds like one I could manage. Never been much of a cook but am making baby steps now. Shall be giving this a bash.

  • hellybelly 9 years ago

    this was reaally tasty even my fussy kids loved it

  • Hattie 9 years ago

    chicken breasts usually take around 20 - 25 mins to cook on 180C ...but if they're still pink in the middle put them in for a few mins extra until they're done :)

  • Laura 9 years ago

    Wow this sounds gorgeous i am most definatelly going to be trying this tonight however what gas do you cook it on, and how long for approximatelly. Thanks. x

  • Mia 9 years ago

    Sounds really nice. Def try that one.

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