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Sweet Chilli Chicken

Published by Rani

Really Yummy and Easy



  • Chicken Pieces
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Rice


Cut the chicken pieces into smaller pieces

Wash them quickly under water

Place them in a frying pan with a medium bottle of SWEET Chilli Sauce

Cook them to well done, drain off some of the sauce and put them in the oven (this is optional, it just makes them nicer and crispier)

Serve with cooked rice


  • His 4 years ago

    Never wash chicken it can spread campylobacter around your kitchen!

  • Carly 6 years ago

    I didn't find this way useful. Include cooking times, temperature for cooking,

  • Annette 6 years ago

    You should never wash chicken you could be spreading salmonella around your kitchen

  • Nikitaleiighx 7 years ago

    I use a recipe like this but not quite the same, this sounds Yum and will be sure to try it!! Thanks :)

  • unknown 7 years ago

    thanks for the idea im gonna use this im my catering class

  • i am unknown, ok? 8 years ago

    im making this in home economics (:

  • Nikita 8 years ago

    I am making this in school for a delicious meal :)

  • Beth 9 years ago

    Add half pot low fat creme fraiche or even half pint cream for a wonderful sauce.

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