chicken&bacon with fried rice

leftover galour

Preparation Time

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Step 1:

  • Get the chicken and slice down the middle to create a pocket for the cheese (optional) and then follow by wrapping with bacon (make sure the chicken is fully wrapped as cheese spills out everywhere). Place in oven for 30-40 mins on fan oven 200 c. While this is cooking or before which ever way you feel is quicker, boil the rice. While it is boiling scramble the eggs (ya know when you whisk eggs in a frying pan and fry it). Next fill a frying pan with plenty of oil (a wok is easier) and add the rice so you fry it. Next mix in the scrambled egg and frozen peas and keep frying until you have reached your fying goal. (I would taste if I were you but beware it will be hot so bloooow!) You also dont have to add egg or peas, you can tailor this meal to whatever you wish, like onions or sweetcorn… (remember like the eggs you prepare the onions first before adding to rice). By this time your chicken should be ready, so get ready to serve. Tasty left over meal 🙂