Cinnamon ice cream

A delicious ice cream with a interesting twist. Serves 4

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1) Put the milk, cream, 125g of the sugar, Cinnamon sticks and vanilla pod into a large pan, give a little stir and then bring, nearly to boil and then leave, off the heat for 20 minutes, with a lid loosely placed on top to let the flavours of the cinnamon and vanilla infuse with the dairy.



2) Once 20 minutes has passed, slowly bring the mix back to a NEAR boil as you whisk the 6 egg yolks in a bowl with the remaining 125g of sugar. (If you don’t want to waste the egg whites, whisk them till stiff, then whisk in 50g caster sugar per egg white till they absorb into the mix. Then bake on a baking tray with greaseproof paper for about an hour at NO MORE than 150 degrees. Leave the door open for the meringues to cool.) Then, once the infused dairy mix is nearly boiling, whisk it slowly into the egg and sugar.



3) Clean the pan well, and place back on a low heat, followed by the mix back into the pan stirring for around 10 mins or however long it takes to slowly thicken. You’re looking for a custard like consistency. Now it?s crucial that you don?t let this mix get anywhere near a boil or it will instantly scramble. Just keep stirring and keeping your eye on the mix, using a thermometer if you want, to maintain this measure. (Don?t worry too much if it does, just strain the mix into a food processor, or whisk vigorously, then strain back into the pan.) You’ll know when your done when the mix will coat the back on a spoon and maintain a line when you draw a finger across the back of it.


ice cream

4) Place the mix into a tray that will fit in your freezer and leave to cool significantly before covering in foil and placing in the freezer. It?s important to let it cool as if you place foil on it before this point, it’ll steam and condense on the foil, dropping moisture back into the mixture raising the chance of ice crystals forming during the freezing process. After an hour or so, take the mix out and give it a good stir, this once again reduces the chance of ice crystals forming. Then, leave, covered, over night and you’ll have a lovely ice cream in the morning!