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Beef Chow Mein

Published Sunday, 12 October, 2008 by Joanna

Easy and very tasty



  • 1)Quick fry beef
  • 2)Noodles
  • 3)Peppers
  • 4)Mushrooms
  • 5)Baby sweet corn
  • 6)Sugarsnap peas
  • 7)Onion
  • (any stir fry veg of your favour really)
  • 8)Soy sauce
  • 9)Oyster sauce
  • 10)Ginger paste
  • 11)Tomato puree
  • 12)Garlic


Note: For cheap soy and oyster sauce, search the alternate food section in your supermarket (forget Amoy and Blue Dragon: way too expensive)

1)Chop up your beef and veggies

2)Start fryin up the beef and onion

3)Lash in the oyster sauce, soy sauce, ginger and garlic (portions to your own taste) and stir in.

4)Throw in your veggies and stir fry.

5)Add the noodles and stir in with everything else.(If you have dried noodles, boil them and then fry them)

6)That's it.

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