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Green Thai Chicken Curry

Published Monday, 24 January, 2011 by Lola

A YUMMY GREEN CURRY, spiced to preferation :)



  • As much chicken as you fancy :) maybe 3 or 4 fiillets, depends how many your cooking for.. cut into cubes
  • Green curry PASTE (not a ready made sauce)
  • Coconut milk (the cheap one) 1 can
  • 2 chillies (one chopped) and maybe a sprinkle of chilli powder if you like it spicy
  • one red pepper, one yellow pepper (for the colour)
  • 1/2 an aubergine (again depends how many your cooking for, this is for 2/3)
  • rice, if you wana really impress get jasmine rice. and for extra fragrance add a stick of lemongrass while its boiling..


Cut the peppers into strips, slice the aubergine diagonally:

these need to be put in a seperate frying pan on a low heat with a bit of oil

THE MAIN part: Heat some oil in a wok, or pan if you dont have one.

Add 4 or 5 teaspoons of curry paste

add the chicken and the chopped chilli, let the chicken brown

Add the coconut milk and the full chilli, (you take the full chilli out at the end its just flavour)

put on a lower heat for about 10 mins

When the aubergine and pepper is cooked throw them in with the chicken

let that simmer for a bit, low heat

THE RICE: add 2 cups of boiling water for 1 cup of rice in pan, work it like that, if you have lemongrass stick that in too. when it begins to boil put the heat on low and cover, wait around 10 mins and uncover, the water should be gone, if not try the rice and see if its cooked. if not continue cooking for a few mins, drain otherwise.

make it look good on the plate! enjoyyyyy!


  • Kurryie 5 years ago

    Me!!. Yumoh tumoh 2 tomatoes

  • Geoff 5 years ago

    Who threw my vegetables out of window?!

  • Davey Davidson 5 years ago

    Guys, i'm going to be honest here i had a bit of a shocker! But don't let that stop you from chasing your dreams, cook that thai green curry i believe in you, lots of love. Davey x

  • Terry 6 years ago

    I'm terribly scared of wasps

  • Harriet 8 years ago

    Was extremely lovely and creamy, yum yum. Deffo will be making this again

  • Johnny Melia 8 years ago


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