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Homemade Lasange

Published Tuesday, 11 August, 2009 by marie gibson

proper homemade food



  • 1lb mince
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • tin of tomatoes
  • jar of carrots
  • 1 beef stock cbe
  • lasange sheets
  • packet ofcheese sauce (or white sauce)


cook mince until brown pour off fat

add tomatoes

chop garlic and add

then add carrots

melt beef stock cube in boiling water

and add to suce

when cooked layer in a dish with the sheets

follow cheese sauce info and add to top layer off sheets

cook for 40 mins

and serve with homemade chips and coleslaw


  • Georgia 7 years ago

    This is a simple,easy recipe to work from& it is the best one i have found yet!

  • piggy 9 years ago

    it woludnt be plain because of the veg thats in in with the chese sauce but it dose have a lot of garlic and id imangie it would be cooked at 375 or gas mark 5

  • jodie 9 years ago

    wheres the seasoning????? it will b very bland.

  • Caitlin 9 years ago

    you did spell some words right and u didnt say the temprature >:- |

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