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Ice Cream Supreme

Published Monday, 11 February, 2013 by Becca

For when your boyfriend dumps you...



  • -chocolate ice cream
  • - lollypop
  • -cinnamon toast crunch
  • -smarties
  • -teddybear grams
  • -chocolate bar
  • -chocolate and caramel syrup
  • -nutella
  • -whipped cream
  • -thin sliced bannas
  • -chocolate powder
  • -marshmallows
  • -chocolate pudding
  • -brownie bits
  • -sugar
  • -anything else that looks chocolatey


Mix all in a bowl and eat with a lollypop instead of a spoon!

it's really yummy and goes great with a romantic comedy, and a blanket!

leave comments on the things you put in your ice cream supreme! :d

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