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Stuffed Chicken

Published Tuesday, 02 February, 2010 by niki

phili chicken in parma ham



  • 2 chicken breasts, 1 tub of philidelpia, 1 packet of parma ham.
  • potatoes and veg to accompany. grated cheese to cover


simply slice chicken 3 quarter way through, load with philidelphia and wrap the parma ham around to keep it together. put in the oven 190 degrees and cook for approx 25 mins or until chicken is cook. within last 5 mins of cookin if you like put some grated cheese on top of the chicken to melt, seve with new potatoes and veg of your choice. lovely.


  • lloyd 7 years ago

    dinner tonight!!!!!!!! will be interesting

  • DJ Axiom 8 years ago

    I find if you cover the chicken breast in BBQ sauce first, and then wrap it in the ham, the flavors are amazing!

  • Matt 8 years ago

    Sarah - probably not because parma ham tastes totally different from normal ham. Other prosciutto hams would work tho

  • Sarah 8 years ago

    Would normal ham work as well as parma ham ??

  • Joe Morris 9 years ago

    Loved it

  • hello 9 years ago

    haaaaa bethany is totally right you burk

  • Bethany 9 years ago

    To be honest, you are actually copying a recipe from an Advert advertising Phillidelphia.

  • Danny 9 years ago

    im doing GCSE in food and this website gives me loads of ideas and this recipe is the BEST mmmmmmm.

  • Bev 9 years ago

    Hmmmm Tasteeeeeeeee... if only some ppl cud spell as well as they cook (students... I think not... )

  • Ema 9 years ago

    This meal was sooooo nice even my 11 yr old enjoyed this as fussy as she is thanx 4 the idea

  • mia cain 9 years ago

    this sounds luch and a really good idea too cook and it is eay to make and not that comlicated i am going to make it in the futre