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White Sauce

Published by torlott




  • Making your own white sauce is so much cheaper than the stuff you buy in the shops...and so much easier acts as a basic sauce for so many dishes and has been invaluable ever since I learnt how to make it.
  • You need:
  • 30g of plain flour
  • 30g of butter
  • salt/pepper (depending on taste)
  • tsp of mustard powder (optional)
  • three quarters of pint of milk.
  • You can infuse the milk first with an onion, bay leaf and cloves...add those to the milk, boil, then leave to get REALLY cold again before using it for the sauce - once cold, remove the onion, bay, and cloves...


milk in a saucepan...add the flour, butter, and mustard if using.

stir ALL THE TIME with a balloon whisk if you have takes a while, but well worth it...the butter will melt...the flour will break up, so dont worry about it gets hotter, it will thicken...keep going...until it is the thickness of custard...keep stirring...once ready...use it is a base sauce in creamy chicken pie, fish pie, lasagna...and for the fraction of the cost of a packet white sauce mix


  • Stu 1 year ago

    Add some tyme and garlic to the infusion for an authentic comfort food chicken pie sauce!

  • Foodt 4 years ago

    The all in one method does work just as well as adding the milk bit by bit.
    the only difference is that by cooking out the flour you create a nice smooth nutty flavour.

  • Snifflerooh 6 years ago

    Works perfectly!! I added a tad more mustard powder and got a beautiful, thick and creamy sauce for my chicken pot pie. Thanks for the post. :d

  • hi 8 years ago

    Am disturbed "Lovetocool" that you are so definitive in your instruction to "never ever do it in this order". The recipe described here is a well known method for a quick white sauce....and works very well, and effectively. Please check your facts prior to misleading people.

  • lovetocool 9 years ago

    -.- never ever do it in this order.... to make a white (or better known as béchamel) sauce first melt the butter in the saucepan, then add enough flour to make a paste in the bottom of the pan (called a 'roux'). The paste should bubble like butter and yet be opaque and glossy, after a while it will brown slightly. Then, and only then, add the milk, a little at a time, while continuously whisking to avoid formation of lumps. As for the quantities, i have no idea i just add the milk till the sauce is as thick as i want it. ( tip : you can add grated cheddar or gruyere to the sauce to make it nice and cheezy, or else some nutmeg also adds a little flavour)

  • Anest 10 years ago

    I actually found cornflour much easier when making white sauce! The lumps go away much faster! :)

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