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Easy Cheesy Sauce

Published Tuesday, 23 March, 2010 by philip c

Thick and low fat cheese sauce



  • 3 cheese triangles (i use the weight watchers)
  • couple table spoons water
  • teaspoon flour
  • just cooked sphagetti (if doing it how i did)


Take three cheese triangles and a samll frying pan

heat gentley in the water as you break up the triangles with the sppon in the pan as the water simmers swirl the triangle bits in the pan until all creamy.

this sauce i used for spahgetti, so for a really sticky sauce i added the flour to thicken, only a teaspoon as the starch from the cooked spahgetti will thicken it on its own

if using for spahgetti added the cooked pasta now and mix, leave for two minutes in bowl for sauce to go thick.


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