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Home Made Nachos

Published Tuesday, 11 February, 2014 by Katie

Quick, easy & cheap



  • Grated cheese
  • tomato salsa sauce
  • tortilla chips


Put the tortilla chips in a cooking bowl (plain tortillas are best, especially doritos)

pour tomato salsa sauce on top

grate the cheese on top

heat for 8 minutes



  • ilovesgoodeats 3 years ago

    Brilliant! I made this exact recipe, except instead of tortilla chips, i fried wonton wrappers instead. then i used gouda cheese. instead of tomato salsa i made a mixture of mayo, sour cream and sesame oil. then i added green onions and bacon bits and cooked chicken and sprinkled a bit more sesame oil over top after i cooked it.
    thanks for the great recipe!

  • 5 years ago

    Yum, it sounds delicious. Im gonna try it !!!!

  • KOMAL DUBEY 5 years ago

    Very yummmmy dish tried makng at hme jzt luvedd it

  • Komal Dubey 5 years ago

    Itz yummmmmmy

  • Ylexx 5 years ago

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