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Nice Chinese Style Riceee Mmm

Published Monday, 11 February, 2013 by Beth

Rice with vegetables and turkey, threw everything together and turned out super nice!



  • Chicken/vegetable stock
  • red wine
  • half red pepper
  • half red onion
  • half courgette
  • turkey breast steak (optional)
  • green pesto
  • olive oil (or fry spray)
  • boil in the bag rice (or long grain rice)
  • salt pepper
  • tomato puree


1) boil the kettle, put the rice on to cook, i used boil in the bag rice because it so hard to cook rice properly! So i just put it a pint of water on the hob to simmer and covered it, that takes about 18-20 minutes to cook!

2)cover a baking tray with tin foil and put the turkey steak under the grill for about ten minutes!

3) cut up the veg! Courgette into little half moons, pepper into long strips and onions diced/sliced/ however you want

4) cook the vegetables in a big frying pan on a high heat in olive oil or fry spray and add a teaspoon of pesto when they start going soft

5) don't forget to turn the turkey steak round about now, so both sides get cooked well

6)dissolve the stock into some water, not alot, maybe half a pint or so, then pour that into the vegetables and stir, i put a swig of red wine in cos i need to use it up, but thats up to you!

7) season that all with pepper, salt, and put loads of tomato puree in, probably about a table spoon! Get the turkey out of the grill and shred it into strips and put that in the pan also!

8)turn the heat down and let that simmer till the rice is ready then drain the rice, and pour it into the vegetables and stock, turn the heat back up high and give it all a good stir

9)all ready!


  • Freya 6 years ago

    Sounds a bit complicated

  • Rubbish 6 years ago