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Old Style Breakfast

Published Friday, 16 December, 2011 by Heavenly Chef

A tasty unhealthy breakfast, Yum yum!......



  • 4 eggs of your choice
  • 4 quarter pounder frozen burgers
  • 4 somked streaky bacons of your choice
  • oil
  • Utensils:
  • Frying pan
  • Spatula or cooking spade


grill the burgers first then take a frying pan add a tablespoon of oil, cote the pan with oil, switch on the cooker by turning the knob and pushing the igniter button a flame will pop up,

Note: if you havent cooked before dont worry about the flame it wont hurt you unless you dont put your finger or face near it! the flame is what will help you cook your food.

Place the frying pan with oil on the flame as soon as you hear the oil start poping and sizzling place the bacon from the packet to the pan, and leave it to fry for 15 minutes or less, turn over and repeat the same process. When bacon is done take out from frying pan and place in a serving dish, repeat this cooking process with the remaining uncooked bacons. Wash the frying pan when your done, add oil and scramble 4 beaten eggs in the pan. Dont forget to check the burgers on the grill and turning them over. Transfere cooked eggs bacon and burgers on a serving plate and enjoy with a cup of hot pure green tea.

Recipe unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans!


  • Maldivian Shef 5 years ago

    Nice can u just tell me if it it is eating big burger or thr layer or someother i just ame from mladives so it can be difficulty to find some things

  • Emmeline 7 years ago

    This doesn't come with instructions to scramble eggs so i thought i'd add some:

    crack eggs into cup and add a little milk. Adding milk makes the eggs go further and stops them going dry, this means that 2 eggs would probably be okay for this recipe.
    to cook heat oil (or i use butter) in pan then poor in egg/milk mix. Keep the eggs moving (stir them) to prevent them turning into an omelet.

  • Ryan Shaw 7 years ago

    Good but to many burgers

  • DelilahW 7 years ago

    YUM! I'm haing this for breakfast tomorrow. The instructions were perfect! Thanks for the great recipie. :D

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