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Personal Gourmet Pizza

Published Thursday, 09 January, 2014 by Yumyum

Fast customizable pizza!



  • 1) naan bread or pita bread
  • 2) veggies! Try: -peppers
  • -tomatos
  • -mushrooms
  • -olives
  • -onion
  • 3) cheese! Try: -mozzarella
  • - asiago
  • -parmesan
  • 4) optional:- precooked chicken or meats
  • - barbaque sauce
  • -olive oil
  • - italian seasoning


1) (optional) spread olive oil on bread

2) add any and all toppings

3) kill it with cheese

4) (optional but much suggested) a little italian seasoning

dont forget a drizzle of barbeque sauce for extra kick!

bake in oven (or toaster oven) for 10 minutes or until lightly browned

ps: naan/pita is easily frozen and can be used for any pizza topping you like! Pepperoni and cheese anyone?


  • Lewis 5 years ago

    I found that the naan bread was very thick and juicy

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