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Rice Stir-ins

Published Monday, 09 June, 2014 by Anonymous

Add in ideas for cooked plain rice



  • So you've got some freshly boiled rice and want to know what to stir into it? Why not try-


-drained tuna

-curried egg (boiled eggs mashed with a fork mixed with some curry powder, salt and pepper)

-browned butter, lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley

-mushrooms and garlic cooked in butter

-boiled peas and corn kernels

-boiled egg

-feta cheese with chopped parsley/basil/mint/corriander

-a dash of greek yoghurt

-raw vegetables and a dash of olive oil, eg. Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, capsicums. (also great with pasta)

-toasted pine nuts/sesame seeds

-avocado and garlic cooked in butter, and one teaspoon pesto (great with pasta also)



-soy sauce

you can mix them up too, try different things together.

will add more as i think of them

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