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Savoury Bread & Butter Pud

Published Friday, 12 January, 2018 by Lee Black

Great for breakfast / Serves: 1


  • 3 large eggs
  • 2 slices of white bread
  • 40g cheddar
  • 3 slices of cheap wafer thin ham
  • Butter/spread
  • English mustard
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Milk
  • Microwave
  • Microwave proof bowl (Pyrex 1 litre is what I use)


1. Cut the ham and cheese into small pieces.

2. Crack the eggs into a bowl. Add a splash of milk, mustard, Worcestershire sauce and some salt and pepper. Beat the mixture until combined.

3. Butter the bread and cut into bite size pieces.

4. Add the ham, cheese and bread to the egg mixture and carefully stir everything together.

5. Cook in the microwave for around 5 minutes or until the eggs have set.

I like to finish this off by spreading a tablespoon of mayonnaise over the top and sprinkling cayenne pepper over it.

Difficult to give an exact cost but I'd say this comes to around £1.15 with ingredients bought from Tesco.

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