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Slice Bread Egg

Published Friday, 02 April, 2010 by AKBAR

quick egg bread snack



  • egg-1 or 2
  • bread slices 3 or 4
  • salt to taste
  • sauce for serving


beat egg well

dip bread slices fully inside egg mixture

take immediatrely and fry on pan with good flame.

serve yourself with tomato ketchup or sauce


  • Carly 8 years ago

    Isn't French Toast just bread fried in oil?? I think you'll find this is Eggy Bread, simple yet yummy :)

  • James 9 years ago

    This is nice with bacon and maple syrup....very fattening obviously but none the less beautiful!!

  • Kony 9 years ago

    This is called french toast.

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  • If you didn't have a sweet tooth before seeing this, you do now!