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Tasty Pasta Dish

Published Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 by Andy Smith

With tuna, cheese and crisps



  • Im not putting down weights for the ingredients because it all depends on how much you make and plainly because its only a quick dish so theres no point!
  • Ingredients:
  • Pasta (Twirls are the best)
  • Grated Cheese (Lots is good!)
  • Tuna (usually 1 whole small tin)
  • Butter
  • Crisps (Cheese and Onion or Salt and Vinegar)


Its a piece of cake to make so im not gonna go into precise details about making it because plainly, there isnt any!

Literally all you have to do is; boil your pasta on the hob as normal (best to add a few shakes of salt if you dont usually), drain the pasta, tip the pasta into a bowl (or back into the pan to save washing up!) get a good size bit of butter on the end of a knife or spoon or whatever and put it into the bowl with the pasta and mix it around until its melted, add your grated cheese and mix until its evenly mixed then add the tuna and mix again until its mixed evenly through the pasta, tip onto a plate. Then all you have to do is crush up a packet of crisps (like i said cheese and onion or salt and vinegar is best) and tip it all over the top

this recipe isnt just for one person, you can obviously make how much you want for how many people you want, but its so easy and so tasty! enjoy!


  • Ararats 5 years ago

    Its awesome

  • Emma 7 years ago

    I make this ALL the time! Only I mix the tuna with mayo but it's sooooo delicious!

  • KEBABS 8 years ago


  • YOUR GAY 8 years ago


  • james kingston jr 8 years ago

    that for the recipie , put one up how to make kebabs plz rn

  • Shane 8 years ago

    I modified it a bit. I used half parts butter and half parts sweet margarine instead. And it's really good! Thank you!

  • Jess 9 years ago

    Made this, really good idea and sooo tastey. Loved it!

  • POSITIVITY = SUCCESS 10 years ago


  • Danbo 10 years ago

    Why are you CHILDREN (sic: immature) being rude? it's a good idea, granted it's only a slight variation of the good old tuna pasta dish, but it works.

  • asslickerdave 10 years ago


  • a 10 years ago

    This is silly, you sed u were not goin 2 go in 2 details and u went on 4 ages x

  • nik 10 years ago


  • Megan 10 years ago

    Om nom nom this is so good!
    Hehe :) i love you x

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