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Yummy Potato Patties

Published Sunday, 09 June, 2013 by Potato

Easy and quick recipe!



  • - potatoes (how many is up to you)
  • - one or two garlic cloves
  • - one egg
  • - bread crumbs (or flour)
  • - salt an pepper
  • - frying oil
  • - optional: onions, grated cheese (the kind you want), herbs, etc...


Wash and peel the potatoes, slice them into rough dices and boil them. Add salt and the garlic clove(s) to the water.

when cooked, take the potato dices out, drain them and puree them with a fork. Add seasoning if necessary.

optional: you can add the grated cheese, finely chopped onions, chopped herbs, anything you feel like adding.

form potato patties with your hands and dispose them on a plate. Crack the egg in a small plate and stir it, put some bread crumbs in another plate.

heat the frying oil in a frying pan. When hot enough, one by one, roll the patties in the egg then in the bread crumbs, and fry them until golden.

put in a plate, let cool a little, and enjoy :d

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