Step 1:

  • Mix in the flour, milk and egg in a large bowl. Once everything is combined well, add in the vanilla and sugar. Add in the extra milk until the batter becomes a thin consistency, like cream. Once the batter is somewhat thin, heat up the pan. Add some of the oil to the pan and wait for the oil to heat up. Once the pan is heated, lift it up, so that it isn’t on the heat. While the pan is lifted, slap a ladle full of the batter to the pan. Spread out the batter so that the batter is spread out on the pan. Once the batter is all spread out, lay the pan back on the heat. Wait a minute or two, until the crepe has one side (the side against the pan) is golden-brown. Flip the crepe and wait another one or two minutes until that side is also golden-brown. Repeat until all the batter is finished. Leave all the cooked crepes on a plate. Once all the crepes are finished, fill them with your filling you have. Next, start eating!!!
  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

  • picture adapted from: http://1.Bp.Blogspot.Com/_v9y4qnfkjss/tju35vhcu1i/aaaaaaaac0s/98skatepoaa/s1600/crepes+046edited.Jpg
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