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2 Minute Strawberry Dessert

Published Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 by Zaenab

Strawberry, greek yoghurt and some digestives - mmmmm



  • - A few strawberries
  • - Digesetives (or any buscuit you like)
  • - Greek yoghurt


- Crush bisucuits

- Put in bottom of glass/small bowl

- Spoon yoghurt on top to cover biscuit

- Add chopped strawberry

- Make another layer on top with biscuit, yoghurt and strawberry again

- Nicest thing you'll ever eat :D


  • Busy One :D 5 years ago

    Very nice i love the strawberry's on it but i also added whipped cream but anyway great job yum yum :d

  • Neha 6 years ago

    Salaam the recipe realy helped me thanxx for uploding it :)

  • klazaira 8 years ago

    mmmm seems really nice goin 2 try it out cant wait x

  • jb fan 8 years ago

    it is delicious but arnt strawberries expencive so ya ???

  • gail 8 years ago

    mmmm going to try it tonight

  • Jaya 8 years ago

    omg this is really nice but i think it could do with a bit more stuff like whipped cream instead of greek yogurt and maybe some banana as well or apple
    i still like this one though.....

  • molliemoo 9 years ago

    lovely iuam goin to try it wiv bannan
    will it work????????????????????

  • molliemoo 9 years ago

    lovely iam goin to try it wiv bannan
    will it work ??????????????????

  • LaLa 9 years ago

    mite try it dum time:) xo

  • Amo 9 years ago


  • CookinginmyPJS 9 years ago

    Very easy but very, very tasty.

  • Amelia 9 years ago


  • Belle 9 years ago

    Thulsi...U r 1 major heaalth freak easy on the veg and fruit!!!

  • Thulsi 9 years ago

    i dont think its healthy enough. I eat 8 veggies a day. I love beetroot,prunes,sharon fruit,tomato,capsicum,,u no the really healthy stuff!

  • Lastelinneare 9 years ago

    I think its quick, but dont taste so great...Soz mate,. ill rate it a 1.5/5. I agree wiv belle chocolate dessert plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belle 9 years ago

    SOUNDS GREAT!!!! Yum...Were making it at school 2 course meal yum! Ne1 no a chocolate dessert for me..

  • Anna 10 years ago

    sounds lush but how much of each ingredient??

  • Isabel 10 years ago

    This is very tasty and so simple to make. It also looks very appetising! Definitely recommend this dessert!

  • laura 10 years ago

    very nice - i used strawberry yoghurt when made it even more strawberryfied. i also mixed some chocolate raisins with the biscuits - which was yummy!

  • Amy 10 years ago

    OMG thats good ganna make it 4 mates...

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