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A Honeycombe Explosion

Published Thursday, 10 September, 2009 by Gemma

sweet crunchy delicious and easy!



  • 1 crunchie bar
  • cornish ice cream
  • whipped cream
  • toffe dessert sauce
  • dessert glass


1. beat the cruchy bar until crumby

2. drizzle toffee sauce around glass

3. add a small pich of the crunchie crumbs and two scoops of icecream and more toffee sauce. repeat that layer again

4. top with whipped cream and more crunchie crumbs

Enjoy :)


  • ryan 7 years ago

    taste heaps nice

  • emma 8 years ago


  • becky 8 years ago

    I was wondering how many people does it serve

  • courtney 9 years ago

    I'm joinin a cookin compotition so this is bound 2 make me win... wish me luck u guyzz x

  • Sarah 9 years ago

    Quite yummy =]

  • caitlin x 9 years ago

    yum yumz - will have to try it like tomorrow !!!!!!!!!

  • Gemma 9 years ago

    Thanks for the nice comments guys, another nice recipe is to replace the crunchie with digestives, and to replace the toffe sauce to strawberry :D

  • phoebe 9 years ago

    Last time i won dessert and iam bound to win again cheers

  • phoebe 9 years ago

    Same iam doing come dine with me for our prize we got christmas cookie plus the last night was christms eve
    Were doing anouther one this is my dersert hopefully i will win Thank you soooooo much gemma no1 fan :)LOL

  • crosby 10 years ago

    im doing come dine with me in my house. this will help my dessert (:

  • Amy 10 years ago

    I tried this one, it was lovely, thanks for sharing ;)

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  • Mozzarella, cheese and mushrooms?! This looks delicious. Thanks, Ellie for uploading!