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Published Tuesday, 28 April, 2009 by zoe

melty banana me likey!!



  • 1 large ripe banana ,
  • Bag of white chocolate buttons


Peel banana and and split lengthways ,

Place banana on strip of foil , place chocolate buttons in between both halves ,

cover completely with foil , bake in the oven for 7 minutes on 180c .

Take out of oven and add optional toppings! Gooey yummy bannanary chocolatey heaven !


  • Allison 7 years ago

    angelina who ever you are no one cares about your comment who ever just read this give your point a view and write a comment to angelina not much of an angel wrong name for you see ya later

  • angelina 7 years ago

    I hate bananchocsplit its horrible however likes is stupid i hate it soo much its disgusting eeeeruuuuugggghh

  • Allison 7 years ago

    mmmmmm its so delicious its like a dream come true hope you enjoy aswell as me

  • Angie 8 years ago

    mmm hmmm i agree it does sound nice*giggle* and the chocolate i could just fall into it and eat watever i want from the banana.

  • Emma 9 years ago

    This sounds amazing but you could just melt the chocolate and pour onto the split banana it sounds easier

  • butterfly 9 years ago

    i'am sorry for the inconvineonce

  • chelsea 9 years ago

    i have not made this recipe but it sounds lovely but i am a bit confused about the bit of strip of tinfoil could you edit it and make it a bit more clear! but overall this recipe sounds amazing x

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