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Biscuit Cake

Published Sunday, 09 June, 2013 by Potato

With chocolate and coffee :d



  • - biscuits (they have to be rectangular or square, how many depends on the size of the cake you want).
  • - black coffee
  • - chocolate pudding
  • - chantilly cream
  • - hazelnuts for decoration (you can use fruit instead if you're allergic, i recommend bananas, they go well with chocolate)
  • - rectangular cake pan


Prepare the coffee, the pudding and the chantilly cream.

in the pan, dispose one layer of biscuits, and lightly poor coffee on them with a tea spoon, cover all the layer. Add a layer of chocolate pudding, then biscuits with coffee again, then pudding again, until you have no more biscuits. (the last layer must be biscuits)

cover the top of your cake with chantilly cream and roughly crushed hazelnuts (or slices of fruit).

put your cake in the fridge to cool.

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  • Eat with coffee for best results... obviously.