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Cheese Delight

Published Thursday, 01 July, 2010 by Gabby

mmmm cheesey...



  • Cheese
  • A bit of Cheese,
  • A Blcok of Cheese,
  • Grated Cheese,
  • Sliced Cheese,
  • Cheesey Cheese,
  • Oh and Don't forget the CHEESE!


1) Get Cheese.

2) Open Cheese.

3) Slice Dice Chop or Grate Cheese.

4) Arrange Cheese on plate.

5) Sprinkle on grated cheese.

6) Serving suggestion: Try this with some cheese for a unique flavour.

7) Eat cheese.


  • Doctor 5 years ago

    R u mad or what cheese lover no combination at all. Idiot

  • converses 9 years ago

    omg i love it!

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