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Chocolate Moussee

Published Sunday, 21 September, 2014 by Candy

It is a sweet, simple and short dessert recipe. hope you like it .



  • Not much is needed --
  • 1) grated and melted chocolate, (300grm)
  • 2) half-cup cream.
  • 3) half-cup whip cream.
  • 4) biscuits.
  • 5) chocolate chips.


Take the melted chocolate and add the cream and whip cream to it mix well. Keep some whipped cream aside for the topping part. Use a spatula and do the cut and fold method. Take the glasses in which you are going to set the mousse and take the biscuits and crumble it in a way that no big parts are there. Put in the glasses. Next put the chocolated batter in the glasses, on top again put the biscuits powder on it and put some chocolate chips or chocolate swirls. Set it in the refrigerator and set it for 2 hours.

enjoy it !!!!

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