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Chocolate Orange

Published by Barry Tasker

Just as good as Terry's!!



  • 4 Oranges
  • 2 bars of tesco value chocolate (or any chocolate that will amount to the same quantity - no need to be totally precise!!)
  • A few cocktail sticks
  • Tinfoil


1 - Cut the top off of the oranges

2 - Hollow out some of the orange (eat the scooped out bit now if you wish)

3 - Break chocolate into squares and add half a bar to the orang hollow (or as much as will go in)

4 - Put the cut off lid back on top and stick in place with the cocktail sticks

5 - Wrap in a bit of tinfoil so the orange is totally covered

6 - Place in a fire, barbeque, grill or oven and cook for a small while.

7 - BEING CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF (especially when it's been in a fire or barbeque - we use this recipe of mine when my mates and me go camping!!) take the oranges out - open up the top, spoon out and eat the chocolate then squeeze the orange and drink out the juice - yum!! (and like I said - as good as Terry's!!)

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  • It's actually the ultimate!