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*chocolate Yum!*

Published Saturday, 11 July, 2009 by chelsea




  • 3 eggs to make butter icing(optional) mix togther butter
  • 200g of soft brown sugar icing sugar and a drop of vanilla essence a
  • 60g cocoa powder small helping of butter and a bit more icing!
  • 150g plain flour
  • 50g of butter melted in microwave or saucepan
  • 284ml of buttermilk
  • 2tsp baking powder


1.pre heat oven to 180c or gas mark 4.

2.line the base and sides of a 18cm loose bottom tin or cake tin.

3.whisk the eggs and sugar for a full 4mins until they turn pale and treble in size.

4.add the flour,cocoa,baking powder,buttermilk,and melted butter to the bowl and mix til smooth.

5.divide in half between to cake tins or one deep cake tin and place in the middle of hot oven for 30 mins.

6. once cooled leave on wire rack to cool even more! can if you wish make butter icing for the centre and all you need is butter,vanilla essence and icing sugar mixed togther not to runny use as much or as litlle butter icing as you like!


  • Ava 5 years ago

    Yummy family will enjoy

  • Selena Gomez 6 years ago

    It was great i would think again thow i'm not sure why but it needs something to polish it off, and next time do a heading please coz i didn't know what chocolate yum! Means. Anyways thanks

  • tazzie 7 years ago

    luv this recipe thumbs up if u luv it 2

  • chef chelsea (: 9 years ago

    hey dudes (:
    yes it is great easy chocolate cake,
    bob and Lg (: x

  • Dolly Mixture 9 years ago

    Hi, What is your name, plaese tell me and i can post you something good for you, a good recipe.

  • s 10 years ago

    is it a choolate cake??

  • bob 10 years ago

    kwel but i havn't got an idea of what it wopuld look like xx can you put some picks up please xxx

  • lg 10 years ago

    this recipe is good

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