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Christmas Treat

Published Sunday, 01 June, 2014 by Hyny

Amazing cream and biscuit with gelatin combination for xmas



  • One pack biscuits(any)
  • 1 tin whole cream
  • 1 cup gelatin(any flavor)
  • butter(optional)to grease


Take a plastic cover and put the biscuits and powder them. Now add a small lump of butter based on the amount of powder you have made and make a small

sticky lump of biscuits..

now put them in a baking tray and level them and freeze for 20 mins

meanwhile make a gelatin mix and let it aside

now put the cream in a pan and heat it and make it a little more creamy..You can add any tasters like fruits or almond or anything..But add a spoon o sugar(brown) and mix..Now take the tray out of the fridge and pour the cream on the tray with biscuits and freeze again. Now after the taking out of the tray put the gelatin and let is freeze again and take out..Now you have the readymade xmas treat..Put it out and cut into peices and serve..:)


  • Princess 5 years ago

    Yum i'm going to cook that

  • Meeza 5 years ago

    Wow it would be yummy

  • Afra 5 years ago

    Can u make a recipe on some sort of dessert which is cooking without fire cause i have a compitation tomorrow a finding 4 a recipe

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  • Yum. Dinner??