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Cool Ice Cream

Published Tuesday, 31 March, 2015 by Chanjyot Juneja

Ice cream mini.... cool for $unny mornings



  • • toothpicks
  • • plastic foil
  • • juice ( for me it's orange or grape


1. Pour your juice into the ice tray

2. Wrap it with plastic see through foil

3. Poke a toothpick into each cube

4. Into the freezer

5. Pull it out after an hour or 2

6. Pull out the plastic wrap ( make sure ur toothpicks don't come out. With care !

7. Pull out the cubes with the help of the toothpicks

8. Enjoy your summers


  • Syriana john 4 years ago

    I want to make it as quick as i can i love it my mother has make it its delicious but my bro dont like it can we make other falvours

  • Anu 4 years ago

    Nice , simple and tasty

  • Nancy 4 years ago

    It is eeeazy and super tasty. Thank you

  • Anirudh 4 years ago

    Very very tasty

  • Mona 4 years ago

    Nice and tasty

  • Neha 4 years ago

    Wow... Very nice and cool recipe ... I luv it !

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