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Cupcake Cones

Published Monday, 23 November, 2015 by Student Recipes

Cupcakes in a Ice Cream Cone! / Serves: 24



  • cake mix
  • eggs
  • vegetable oil
  • water
  • sprinkles
  • frosting
  • ice cream cones (flat bottom)


1.) Pick a cake mix, follow those specific directions, and bake in cupcake trays.

2.) Take wrappings off cupcakes.

3.) Place one cupcake in one cupcake cone.

4.) Scoop frosting in plastic baggie.

5.) Cut the corner of the baggie for easy frosting.

6.) Frost each cupcake in circular motion.

7.) Sprinkle with sprinkles!!!

8.) To make sure the cupcakes don't topple over, dab a bit of frosting on the bottom of the cone and place it on serving dish.

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