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Easy Home Made Instant Ice-cream!!

Published Thursday, 22 May, 2014 by Anonymous

Easy and delicious!!



  • > 1 cup of milk
  • > flavor of your choice [eg. Coco powder for chocolate flavor is done in this recipe]
  • > a big bag
  • > salt
  • > an air tight plastic cover (small size)
  • > castor sugar
  • > a container
  • > a plate or a bowl


* take the container and add 1 cup milk, 3 spoons of coco powder or add more if not satisfied and some castor sugar.

* now stir this mixture well and good!

* put this well stirred mixture into the air tight plastic cover and make sure air doesn't enter this.

* then, put this cover into the big bag of ice cubes.

* add some salt into this bag and shake the bag well for 6-10 min.

* if not satisfied, you can keep it in the freezer as well.

* after shaking well, take out the air tight cover from the bag and put it in the plate or a bowl.

* finally, serve cold and enjoy!!


  • Celia 5 years ago

    Great, but consistency was more like water than ice cream.

  • Scott 5 years ago

    Great, thx for adding
    yummmmmy!!! ;d

  • 5 years ago

    Sorry guys but in the ingredients its supposed to be a big bag of ice cubes which is not mentioned in ingredient no. 3 [a big bag ''ice cubes'']

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