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Easy To Make Chocolate Cake!!!

Published Friday, 30 August, 2013 by Sneha Srivastava

This cake is very easy to make as well as yummy.



  • Bitannia chocolate cake- 1 packet big
  • dark chocolate(dairy milk)- 1 big
  • milk- one cup
  • hide & seek biscuits- 1 packet
  • dairy milk gems- 10-15
  • bournvita- 4 teaspoons


Take a bowl and crumble bitannia chocolate cake and add milk(as much needed) to make a soft dough. Add bournvita.

break hide & seek biscuits into small pieces and and to the dough.

give this dough a shape.

now melt dark chocolate(dairy milk) with the help of warm milk.

use it for dipping and dressing into the shaped cake.

decorate the cake with dairy milk gems. Be a little creative here. You decorate it with your choice.


  • Leah 6 years ago

    This recipe sucks

  • Ana 6 years ago

    This recipe sucks

  • Sudeshna 6 years ago

    Thanku so much really very creative and great recipes fabulous
    it helped me a lot to learn about cooking

  • Zara Imran 6 years ago

    Great recipe !!!!!!

  • Umm Hope Its Nice 6 years ago

    I just need to know how much it costs to buy all the ingredients cuz my school want to make a profit

  • Umm Hope Its Nice 6 years ago

    This is for school so i hope its nice cuz if it isnt i will go rage

  • Dju Qgw Hq Q 6 years ago

    Banana oka

  • Sophie 6 years ago


  • Subi 6 years ago

    Hi i just visited your website is amazing, and i loved the design and the simplicity in the way of presenting the recipes
    i just have one suggestion to show pics of the step by step food preparation or the pic of the final finished food i would have looked to see how the dishes looks
    it is an inspiration to try out the recipe and also assist in carrying out each stage of the recipes smoothly

    keep up the good work!!!


  • Caca Pt 6 years ago

    When i eat it i had caca and pt

  • Royina 6 years ago

    Add a picture

  • Samy 6 years ago

    Yum yum mouth watering

  • Samiya 6 years ago


  • 6 years ago

    Yummy... I have tried this it's easy to make and a new twist with bitannia chocolate cake....

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