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Easy-fancy Custard Pastries

Published Monday, 07 February, 2011 by Charn

Expect honour, glory, love and adoration



  • * 1 roll puff pastry
  • * 500ml to 1 litre (you decide how much) thick custard
  • (follow directions on custard powder box)
  • * 1 egg


# Roll out the pastry on floured surface

# Slice into +/- 10X20 cm blocks.

# Spoon a lump of custard in the middle of one half of the pastry rectangle.

# Brush egg along the sides of the rectangle.

# Fold other half over to envelope custard blob.

# Use a fold to press down on the edges and seal the custard in the pocket

# Glaze pastries with egg

# Bake for around 30min at 180C until golden brown.

Bathe in the glory and adoration of your diners :-P


  • Abi 8 years ago

    i tried it the recipe was fab thanx

  • Charn 8 years ago

    Tiny error - "use a FORK to press down on edges" not a FOLD :-) Sorry

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