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Lazy Lemon Merang

Published Wednesday, 14 July, 2010 by Aaron

easy to make cheap and quick but tastes great



  • 1. A jar of lemon curd (any brand)
  • 2. digestive biscuits (any brand)
  • 3. cream (from a pot or just squirty cream)


firstly just crush up some digestive biscuits using any method you want aslong as their all crushed into crumbs, then simply put them in a small desery boal if you have one or a wide glass, put roughly 2-3 inches thick of lemon curd ontop but spread it out so its covering the biscuit, then finally add whipped cream either from a pot (whisk first obveously) or just from a squirty can of cream and just add that ontop and its so simple but really nice

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