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Milk Chocolate

Published Thursday, 01 December, 2011 by krystle

for your family !



  • 1 or 2 glass of milk
  • cocoa or any chocolate powder
  • small pan


1. You put the milk in the pan, you wait until it boils.

2.put the cocoa or chocolate powder (you put many until it became sticky)

3. Stir it ...

4. You can pour it in the strawberries or any fruits..


  • Zayn 5 years ago

    Me too "super lady"

  • Super Lady 5 years ago

    I didnt actually understand the fruit part!!!
    can i have more information about tht part

  • Milp 6 years ago


  • Jim 6 years ago

    Taste amazing you are a expert chef!!

  • Adam 6 years ago

    Its vile dont make it

  • H00ch 7 years ago

    How much cocoa? How long do you keep it in the pan? What temperature should i set the cooker for?

    please be more informative= pbmi

  • Sky 7 years ago

    No offence but i threw up after it was that gross and how long are we ment to keep it in the pan for

  • Paige Louise 7 years ago

    tastes DISGUSTING almost made me sick

  • Paige louise 7 years ago

    how long will it keep for?

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  • It's actually the ultimate!