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Nutella Spoon

Published Saturday, 21 February, 2015 by Hannahbantz14

A quick and easy hazelnut desert guaranteed to change your life.



  • Nutella chocolate spread (or any other spread if you are feeling adventurous)
  • spoon


1) go to local supermarket and invest in a jar of nutella and ideally, a spoon

2) walk back to flat/dorm/house/hovel

3) empty the contents of shopping bag and open jar of nutella

4) put spoon in hand and take a nice big dollop of nutella

5) open mouth

6) put spoon topped with nutella in mouth or lick slowly


thoughts below


  • Mia 4 years ago

    This is the best recipe i have ever known! I love it, blows any other recipes out of the water. Fabulous idea.

  • Angel 4 years ago

    Really? >: |

  • Camilla 4 years ago


  • Student101 4 years ago

    Haha many people do that but it is nice

  • Nadia 4 years ago

    Just weird u can even have chocolate spread like that

  • Ryan Zahra 4 years ago


  • Lol 4 years ago

    Wow so awesome!!!...Not!!!!!

  • Anna Marie Osongco 4 years ago

    Well its amazing :) i learn a lot of food to make

  • Ajoyce 4 years ago

    Didnt understand at all at all lol

  • Student... 4 years ago

    Instructions not clear enough got spoon stuck up nose

  • Ham 4 years ago

    Lol. Amazing. Sooo complicated.

  • Jim 4 years ago

    Mind blown

  • Christiana 4 years ago

    How didn't i think of that?......

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