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Published Wednesday, 07 August, 2013 by Hima Bindu A Manae

Yummy n easy



  • Refined flour-1 cup
  • baking powder- half teaspoon
  • egg-1
  • powdered sugar- 4-5tablespoon
  • cinnamon powder-half teaspoon
  • milk-enough to make batter
  • butter-for frying
  • can also add cocoa powder 2teaspoon.. Tastes better :)


In a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients.

add 1 egg and mix completely.

add milk(just enough to make the batter).

mix it with no lumps in it.

heat a small pan so that the pancakes wud b exactly the same size of that of the pan.

put butter and can put the batter in the pan using a ladle.

close the pan for like few seconds. (all this shud b done in simmer flame)

and then turn d pancakes. You must get a golden brown pancakes.

remove frm flame.

serve it wit butter or maple syrup or even honey.

this recipe makes 3 pancakes.


  • Eminem Fan..... 5 years ago

    Hmm-mm...... Very tasty!!! Love it.....

  • Qamar 5 years ago

    Guys please add sugar in it. It looks awesome with sugar. Try adding sugar and comment again. I hope you would like it and don't worry every one have their own taste

  • Qamar 5 years ago

    I undrstand your feelings malavika. It also happens sometimes with me.

  • Malavika S. 5 years ago

    Sorry guys....I guess i wrote a bad word....And sorry hima.....I know i did it wrong....Actually i wrote it is bad before i made according to how others wrote but now i swear i made it and it was awsome!!! I added some sugar.... Believe me guys add sugar and make and it will taste triple awesome.........

  • Lol Cats 5 years ago

    I love cooking

  • Tsholo 5 years ago

    Hmm...Yummy yummy!

  • Sweetie 6 years ago

    It was rubbish.I will never try this again.This is very bitter and sour.I hate it too.

  • Shimona 6 years ago

    It was really sour and dint taste good.But when i tried other recipes it was amazing i request you to please remove this recipes from the list or you get the same bad commemts by viewers.

  • CUTIE? 6 years ago

    I hate it it tastes gross srry rate it 0%

  • Jade Piamonte 6 years ago

    Love it

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